asnel/gnel 2010


We want to thank all the participants for making the conference a lively, interesting, productive and relaxed event!



Contested Communities: Communication, Narration, Imagination

21st Annual GNEL / ASNEL Conference
University of Bayreuth, Germany

13-16 May 2010

The 21st GNEL/ASNEL conference aims at exploring the concept of community in postcolonial contexts.
Both in actual communities – based on everyday interaction between its members – and in imagined communities (Anderson 1983), membership is constructed on an assumption of shared features – be it common values, linguistic codes, geographical origin, gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, religion, professional group or joint interests and practices.
This interdisciplinary conference critically investigates the usefulness of the concept of community in postcolonial language situations as well as in postcolonial texts and media. Focus of investigation will lie on processes of communication, on narration and the narrativization of belonging or unbelonging, as well as on imagination as the mental aspect of community construction. We are particularly interested in bringing together perspectives from linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies and related fields.

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